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Friday, September 14, 2007

Lost Password

Well, after being "idle" for more than 3 years (I checked that my first -which happened to be my last post as well- was written in April 2004), today I encouraged myself to open my blogger again. I was having some troubles in finding the password of my blog. Even using the feature to remind my password did not help me at all, because they sent the password (or was it the hint?) to my e-mail address at that I haven't opened it for a while, so that account was expired.

I was finally able to get in after some trials and errors using some of my default passwords.
But, silly me! I found out later that I should be able to get in actually using my gmail account. Yes, I remember that I got my gmail account through this blogspot when I signed up with this site.

OK, the moral of the story is that it is handy if you have some default passwords. When you sign up for a service (whatever it is), use one of these default passwords and don't try to create a brand new password. Believe me, I'm getting old to remember all the passwords I created, except the ones that I use almost every day.

Just several months ago, I created a password for my account on one of the servers in my office. The password was a rather complicated one; combining letters, numbers and some old characters. Well, after signing up, I didn't access my account on that server for two weeks. And guess what? I forgot that password and was not able to get in until now (I don't have time to contact the administrator to recover my account)!!

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